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Planing digital transformation

To be able to work efficiently, the tools must be appropriately adapted. Achieving as much as possible without errors in a few steps, automating recurring tasks, and having faster access to all relevant information are just some of the goals of digital transformation.

With our diverse technical and commercial expertise and our more than 30 years of professional experience, we and our partners support you in making this process as smooth and effective as possible.

database programming

We develop individual and efficient applications in Ninox. Whether it's small utility programs or complete ERP systems, we require a fraction of the development time compared to traditional programming, thus generating significantly lower costs. At the same time, the applications are operable on all platforms - whether Windows, Apple, Android, or Linux. Since Ninox is cloud-based, you can access your information from anywhere without installation. Mobile working becomes a reality.

Add-ons for Ninox

Ninox is a highly powerful system for programming customized applications. To expand Ninox's capabilities in data exchange, conversion, and process automation, we have already developed several powerful add-on modules and services in collaboration with our partners. These modules are not only used in our own projects but can also be obtained by other Ninox developers and utilized in their applications.

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